In 2019, I started with honestly no expectations, no plan, and no idea. It was a hobby, a challenge that was going to get my brain moving again. After a year of importing pre-designed sunglasses and riding the wave that was the ‘side hustle’, I came to a crossroads. I had to decide whether to ditch the hobby or go all in. At the age of 23, I decided to put in all my savings and go for it! I taught myself how to design eyewear, found my manufacturers, built a website, and reached out to my now loyal and supportive customers, friends, and followers.

You might be curious about why I made sunglasses the focus of my business. It's a great question, and one that I often struggle to answer. Would you believe that I used to never wear sunglasses? It wasn't until I went overseas that I discovered they didn't have to just be for practicality. During my time in Turkey, I started collecting stylish but affordable sunglasses that were bold and completely different from what I had seen before. Each style allowed me to express a different aspect of my personality, and that's where my obsession began. Sunglasses can reflect how you're feeling or want to feel, and thats what b.g stands for now - reflecting mood, attitude, and personality.

Fast forward to today, and we have our own range of bold and distinctive eyewear available in fashion retailers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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About us is my small business launched as a passion project. I design all of our highly obsessive styles here in NZ, harnessing my creativity, love for fashion, and fearlessness to inspire the creative processes.

Our frames are designed to make a statement, using playful and bold shapes to create a range that reflects mood, attitude, and personality. My goal is to build exceptionally reliable sunglasses where effortless design meets premium quality, ensuring an affordable price point for all modern fashion seekers.

These frames will become your latest fixation and your closest companion.

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No compromise on quality

Our sunglasses are crafted using a specific plant-based Acetate from the Mazzucchelli factory in Milan, Italy. Our most recent ranges are made from M49 bio-acetate which is classified as a bio-degradable material. This is just one step we are taking on our journey to become more sustainable.

So, what is acetate? Acetate is derived from materials such as sustainably sourced wood pulp and cotton. When manufactured, acetate’s natural color is embedded into the material itself as opposed to being coated, which makes it unparalleled to most other plastics. In addition, its strong, lightweight, and flexible nature makes it incredibly resilient in structure.

I spent months on end searching for a factory that fit both my manufacturing, quality, and ethical requirements, leading me to find our expert craftsmen in Shenzhen. We use premium stainless steel hinges on our sunglasses, offering unmatched durability. All of our frames are fitted with featherweight TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses, and most importantly - our lenses are polarized with 100% UVA protection.

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