About us

About us

Here at bored∙george, our mission stands to surpass the current standard of eyewear. We strive to build exceptionally reliable sunglasses where effortless design meets premium quality, ensuring an affordable price point for all modern fashion seekers. 

We are very proud to be New Zealand owned and operated. 

No compromise on quality

Our sunglasses are crafted using a specific plant-based Acetate from the Mazzucchelli factory in Milan, Italy. Acetate is derived from materials such as sustainably sourced wood pulp and cotton. When manufactured, acetate’s natural colour is embedded into the material itself as opposed to coated, which makes it unparalleled to most other plastics. It is also of strong, lightweight and flexible nature, which makes it incredibly resilient in structure. 

I spent months on end searching for a factory that fitted both my manufacturing and ethical requirements, leading me to find John and his amazing team in Hong Kong. We use hyperextending spring metal hinges on all our frames, providing both unrivaled durability and exceptional comfort when worn. All of our frames are fitted with featherweight TAC lenses, and most importantly - our lenses are polarized with 100% UVA protection. 

The name bored∙george

I’ll freely admit that packing up and moving to London at 19 for an adventure of a lifetime was the craziest and greatest challenge I’ve accomplished in my life thus far. Whilst living out the OE highlife (more like paycheck to paycheck) I’d upload all of my travel escapades to a blog made for close friends and family I called ‘Not So Bored George’. The name stuck, and when I found myself back in New Zealand watching the clock at my 9-5 job, it only made sense to name my budding business idea ‘Bored George’.