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about us

bored·george launched in June 2019 with a goal is to develop a new standard of
eyewear, and produce premium quality sunglasses that are accessible to all
fashion seekers.

Each pair is carefully designed here in NZ to create statement while keeping the protection of your eyes at the core of the design.

In 1 year I have created a trustworthy NZ brand and I cannot wait to see where this venture leads me.

proudly NZ owned and operated | shop local | support local


designed in NZ by me, Georgia

I take inspiration from current fashion trends, and absorb in the suggestions of my brand followers and what they are wanting out of pair of sunglasses; this then leading me to draw my first two styles of b·g sunglasses. I’ve kept my first two pairs simple, timeless and classic, but I'm bursting with ideas for future pairs. I can't wait to create and share more fashion-forward and on-trend styles.

materials and manufacturing

Our sunglasses are ethically handmade in Hong Kong, using only the highest quality materials including stainless steel and Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate.

Cellulose acetate, or better known as just ‘Acetate’, is a plant-based plastic derived from materials such as sustainably sourced wood pulp and cotton. This is used to make the main parts of the frame. Some of the characteristics that make acetate such a quality material is that it is strong, lightweight, and flexible making it more durable. As a result of the colour being embedded into the material itself, its ability to retain colour is unparalleled to most other plastics.

To see the process of how Acetate is made in the Mazzucchelli factory, follow this link.

We use spring metal hinges on our sunglasses due to the fact they hyperextend. this allows for durability and comfort when worn. 

All of our frames are fitted with TAC lenses as is a light and durable material; most importantly our lenses are polarized with 100% UVA protection.