where can I try on some sunglasses?

at this stage we are not in any stores, though we are working on this! for now feel free to order some sunglasses online to buy&try. shipping for purchases $10 and over is free NZ wide so grab a couple pairs to try! we will refund you for what ever pairs are returned within 20 days! return shipping not covered however, though in NZ only $4.50-$5.50 with tracking!

if you would like to stock us in your store please contact us at boredgeorgeinfo@gmail.com 

what if my sunglasses are damaged?

our sunglasses are triple checked, once by the manufacturer, once upon arrival in NZ and again before posted to a customer.

though if you find a fault please contact us at boredgeorgeinfo@gmail.com with any issues.

want to know more?

head to our Instagram and Facebook page @bored.george