Our top 6 Tips to care for your sunnies this summer

Our top 6 Tips to care for your sunnies this summer

1. Avoid scratches

Although our TAC polarised lenses are highly scratch-resistant, it's still just as important to care for and protect them. Keep your glasses in their soft and/or hard case when you are not wearing them, and avoid leaving them loose in your car or bag. Car keys, pens, and other loose items can be your sunglasses worst enemy when loose in your favorite handbag. 

Our new foldable sunglasses cases are perfect for being on the go as when you are wearing your sunglasses, the case folds down into a compact & easy to carry size. 

2. Clean your lenses correctly

If you have any dirt or smudges on your sunglasses, avoid using your shirt to wipe this off. Ideally use a sunglasses cloth or lint-free microfibre cloth. 


3. Avoid seawater

Saltwater can seriously damage your sunglasses so avoid any contact with water when at the beach or on a boat. GIve them a rinse under the tap if there is any contact. 

4. Try not to leave your sunglasses in the car

The heat in a car over the summer can be intense to the point of damaging the sunglasses shape. To avoid any issues keep your sunglasses in their case and out of direct heat. 

5. Don't lose your sunglasses 

This may sound like a joke, but tell me you have never lost a pair? Your pair of bored∙george sunglasses are your best friend. Keep them close, and treat them with respect. When you are not wearing them, put them in their case and in a safe place like your handbag. 

6. Love them endlessly

Do I even need to elaborate 

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